Posted March 17th, 2011 by Elina in My Blog

Oh I have great news! I am so happy to switch agencies. I had to follow my gut feeling and I did. It feels great to accomplish something that I’ve been wanting to do. KSR is one of the countries leading talent agencies. They found me a few months ago. I am not sure how but they had my headshot with no number. So they contacted my old agency from Miami to find me. When my old agency from Miami contacted me, letting me know that someone is looking for me, I was pretty surprised to hear it was KSR. At that moment I was with Morgan 2 for commercial/ print so I couldn’t sign with KSR. So I decided to stick around with Morgan2 for a few months to see how we would work together as a team. I wasn’t pleased so I had to follow my instincts and leave the agency. I went back to KSR just last week and they were really happy to see me back and so was I! It felt totally right and now I have a really good feeling about my future. This year, 2011 is going to be really successful for me. I feel it. Oh yes, everything is falling into place. I know the secret.

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