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Posted May 3rd, 2011 by Elina in My Blog


The past week I have been shooting lifestyle with a few different photographers. It has been a pleasure. First I shot with Zrinka Dozic. We met up in Downtown LA at her friends place that we got lucky to shoot in. We started the shoot with a more of a stylish look. Zrinka had some cool tricks to make the photos look almost dreamy. Towards the end we went downstairs to get more of a commercial/print ads feel. We walked through the raggedy streets of downtown as I laughed and showed off my dimples. It seems that anyone that walks by always smiles back at me. It feels nice. It was overall a fun shoot and I got to work with a cool and talented, Zrinka.

My second photo shoot was with Nik Williamson. For this shoot, I was wearing a business outfit. We were able to capture amazing commercial business shots. Nik has a very creative mind. He pictures something and has to achieve that specific look in order to be pleased with his work. It is always a pleasure to work with some one as talented as Nik Williamson.

My third photo shoot was with Lindsey Boice. I met Lindsey through a good friend of mine Melody Schuster. We met at The Doll House in Beverly Hills the day of the shoot. Melody and I were the models of the day. We went to a secret spot that I can’t mention. lol. Only us girls know this magical place where there are butterflies, iguanas, spiders, birds, squirrels, parrots, a creek, and an abandoned house. Wait till you see the pictures. What a great day it was. <3

My fourth photo shoot was with Katie Doner. We planned to meet up in Venice Beach at her friend Taylors place. I had a list of things I had to bring. Some of the things I brought to my shoot to use as props were books, a bike, a backpack and more. (Can’t give it all away) I brought different outfits for the shoot, and Katie pretty much styled me. I had a blast on Katies new bike. You’ll see in the pictures. Than we went towards the beach. On the way we found some cool spots to capture, like that purple wooden wall. When we got to the beach, the sun was setting. It was absolutely stunning. Even though I wasn’t feeling my best, the photo shoot went amazing. Good team work. I loved it!

Just yesterday I ended up shooting with Nik Williamson again. This time we shot athletic lifestyle. We went to a park in West Hollywood. It was funny because there were the elderly sitting at tables, playing some boardgames. Kinda cute. We got the shots that I needed and it was a wrap!

I can’t wait to receive all of my pictures. Success is on it’s way! I worked really hard and I am so thankful to have made new friends along the way. Thank you, Zrinka Dozic, Nik Williamson, Lindsey Boice, Katie Doner and all the rest that made it all possible.

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